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Adako USA ZENITH PLUS - Colt Ford Black Friday Deal - Retail $7995.95

$4,995.00 $7,995.95

3D, Zero Gravity, L Shape, Bluetooth, Heat, Extended Footrest


  • 3D Massage function provides a deeper massage experience compared to 2D massage chairs
  • Automatic body analysis will adjust the massage to your body height and weight
  • L-Shape massage roller travels from high on the neck, down the back, and underneath the buttocks
  • Heating function warms and relaxes the muscles, allowing a more effective massage.
  • Zero-gravity function positions feet above the head, taking the stress off the lower back and improving circulation
  • Multiple foot rollers provide a complete foot massage experience
  • User-friendly remote controller
  • Air-driven pressure massage works the arms, body, and legs and incorporates stretching, turning, head, and waist twisting
  • Easy adjustment of armrests, backrest, seatrest and legrests allows for a comfortable experience for every user
  • Double suspension footrest makes sure users of any size enjoy the chair
  • Built-in Bluetooth lets you relax with the music you love the most and answer incoming calls at the touch of a button
  • Advanced head massage takes away the tension built by the forehead area

Adako Zenith Plus

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The Most Advanced Massage Chair

14 years of massage chair experience with newest technology; Adako Zenith plus, the most advanced massage chair.  

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